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Im 24 (9-21-85)....and i have 2 lil girls....and a boy on the way dats due on the 6th of January. Im not really interested in hooking up with anybody right now. Im focused and I dont have any time for playin games with some lame ass wanna be cool niggas. It is what it is. I cant hang with you...I cant smoke with you....I can't go out and drink with you. And Im not da kind to sit on the phone and tlk tlk tlk....so please do not ask me for my number...especially if u just NOW getting at me. I dont want a bunch of niggas I DONT KNOW with my phone number. Thats why relationship dont work cause niggas (or bitches) move too fukin fast. Get to know me first.
Music: Im versitile.....I love all kinds of music.
TV: I like reality shows....i love my soaps.....watching tv with my daughters....and i love tru tv.
Books: I like reading suspense
Sports: Football and basketball....Steelers and Cowboys and from basketball....I like Celtic and Lakers.....hey i can like two. Cowboys and Lakers are who i grew up on..as I got older I started picking my own teams.
Interests: my children and whatever they are doing are my interests....other than that I love singing and acting.
Movies: Scary movies are my most favorites....but I love comedy also.
BestFeatures: My whole face is my BEST feature.
Dreams: i grew up singing...thats my passion. In high school I ventured outward with modeling and drama.....Love these three activities

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