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Elegant, sophisticated, smart and very interesting woman who has perfect taste and whose manners are so amazing that you would be very impressed! Yes, I think that I am so tasty as good wine and so precious just like a diamond and you would see it as soon as we start our communication and you would not be disappointed. I am the woman who cares about my outlook and who thinks that it's very important to look nice from both ways, like inside and outside. I am very educated and I don't stop at what I already know! I am a woman who dreams about a better future but I don't sit and wait! I take certain steps and I would prefer to say that I am rather stubborn and hardworking. I also accept my mistakes and I am not afraid to do something wrong. I am very sensitive and romantic and I believe in love from first sight, I hope that it didn't sound too naive. I am very open about everything and when I want something, I always say it! Right now, I want your heart.

What I am looking for

I think that first of all, I am looking for a gentleman and a real man! The person who would never play or cheat on me and I don't want to waste my time. I am sure that this dream is possible to come true and when you have hope, it works! I know that my life is amazing gift and I want to share it with someone else. The person who is like me, who wants to work on himself and put his heart into the relations which would last for years and these years would be full of beautiful emotions and impressions.